Scoreboard for the change.

The salary gap of the job market on a football scoreboard.
In Brazil, women still receive 20% less than men.
As everyone here talks about football in the workplace, we decided to talk about work in football.
We took this salary difference to the final of the São Paulo Women's Football Championship: one of the most important in the country.
On the scoreboard of the FPF's Live transmission on Facebook and Youtube, each goal was worth the same as women's salaries compared to men's. Which was: 1 goal = 0.8.

And then the tournanment MVP said about the activation in the award speech
Copywriter: James Döring
Art Director: Diego Canhisares, Milena Cabral
CD: Gabriel Sotero, Murilo Melo
ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Audio: Canja
Video: Sentimental

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