Rayssa Leal's Energy.

Nescau, by Nestlé, is the biggest chocolat drink in Brazil. Rayssa is one of the biggest skatists is the country (and in the World). 
So, we show their grow up through her mother Lilian: it was the first campaign with Rayssa's Mum, still the only untill now.
While creating this campaign, we thought "What if Rayssa make the skate flip so hard until it became a chocolate hurrycane?"
And that's why I love this work.

*English subtitles available

Copywriter: James Döring
Art Director: Diego Canhisares
ACD: Diego Wortmann
CD: Marcio Fritzen
CCO: Felix del Valle
Audio: Punch
Video: Corazon

I hope you are enjoying like Rayssa enjoys to skate. 
I can't do even a ollie, but, I've already:

Creates a Cannes Lions, D&Ad & awards winning campaign; ❷Made it global; ❸ Won + awards; ❹ Shot with an Olympic medalist; Wrote global and regional film scripts; ❻ Provoked competitors; Write Titles & Long Types; Saved some Paws; ❾ Made Pets run again

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