Pets are our best buddies, even in exercise time.
So, for a brand that brings sports for all, we transformed plastic bottles into sports prosthetics for pets with disabilities.
First, we invited the pet with disabilities community to insert plastic bottles in parks. 
Then, by choosing the size and pet disability, plastic was recycled into filament to be 3D printed.

Sport is for everyone. For athletes, dogs. Parathletes and paradogs
Did your running buddy stay in the medical department? It's comeback time.
Plastic bottles take up to 600 years to decompose in nature. Imagine in canine age.
Watch the full video case:

Copywriter: James Döring
Art Director: Carolina Marques
ACD: Elias Carmo, Rodolfo Monteiro.
CD: Samuel Normando, Laura Azevedo, Arturo Marenda, Peu Coelho.

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