HerShe Year 2  
Following the success of the HerShe project in 2020, the 2021 version was women's dreams.
We made a music video with Yzalú, one protagonist of the first year wrapper.
Besides using Hershey's packages to showcase the different talents of women who dream of making a living with their art, we started a mentorship program with "Plano Feminino", a NGO that wokrs in suburbs and is made by women for women.

The music video:

Copy: From the walls to the shelves.
Copy: Reading is food. And vice versa.
Copy: Do I daydream? Oh, baby, I dance dreaming.
Copy: Each artist carries a piece of every woman in their art.
Copy: Another art passed down from mum to daughter: dream big.
Copy: Dream can't be bought. Can't be sold. Only conquered.
Copy: Some dreams have been made to be seen.

Hundreds of women also shared their art to stamp the virtual gallery on @hersheysbr Instagram account, here are some of them:

The full videocase:

Copywriters: James Döring, Rodrigo Casanovas
Artc Directors: Diego Canhisares, André Batista, Fernanda Peka, Milena Cabral
CD: Gabriel Sotero, Murilo Melo
ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Audio: Canja
Video: Modernista

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