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I'm tituleiro, a cute nickname given to those copywriters who love reasoning an idea in a few words.

Put the Ant-Man to shame. Or shame on you. Every battle  has its heroes.
Be a hero capable of defeating villains like Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and even other heroes like Spider-Man. Every battle has its heroes.
Every battle has its heroes.
In the fight against humans and their weapons that kill Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya mosquitoes, besides insects that transmit more than ten diseases, too.
Those who protect the hive.
Those who stop flying only when they have accomplished their mission.
Those who do ant work to ensure that everything remains in order.
And the heroes who have reproduced for more than 150 million years to create our army against humans.

Insects. Terrible against humans. Against humans.

Note: The Brazilian SBP slogan is "terrible against insects. Against insects". So this copy is the vision of the insects on this battle.

After test-driving this engine, your purchasing decision will be just as quick.
New Peugeot 2008 Turbo THP
The SUV that matches your smartphone, smartwatch and smart home it's definitely a smart decision.
New Peugeot 2008 Turbo THP

For conservatives ones, feet on the ground. For bolder ones, head in clouds.
Architecture council
The architect follows all stages of the work. From the beginning of the project to the beginning of the compliments.
Architecture council
For those who complain that beer doesn't grow on trees.
Beer inspired by wood.
In our family tree, only one type of purity matters: the beer one.
Beer Inspired by wood
Nananana, lalala, hum hum hum. shake shake.
Ugh, I always end up singing the songs I hear a little loud.
Why do I do this exactly on the bus?
I hope it wasn't so loud this time.
That girl back there was staring at me. It must have been loud. Damn!
Glad my point has arrived.
What a coincidence, she also came down.
Well, next time I'll put on a podcast to listen to.
Put today's shame on credit, come on.
- Whoa! What is this? - I say as I take off the phone.
You can't come and give me your arm like that, girl. I know you?
- Look, I've never seen you, but I think you sing very well!
- Yes, I'm going to be a singer one day!
- I think you have a future, see? But look: there's a guy following you from the station.
I squeeze her arm as a sign of thanks.
In fact - she continues - I also like this singer. Did you know she left the hood?
- Obvious! I'm the number 1 fan.
- I doubt it! Let's talk more about her in this coffee shop?
After an hour of arguing, we reached a draw.
And the guy is gone.
We exchanged whatsapp numbers and on the way out, she left me a chocolate that sums up this whole moment.


Yes, friend, we are strength. From the very first moment.
People ask me how I manage.
Look, this week, I'm also asking myself this question.
Being a CEO is not easy. 
When you have the possibility of closing a large project, then. PFFF.
It's an acronym in English for there, cost report for here.
Organizing teams and delegating tasks for such an important job is tough.
To make matters worse, Clarinha, my youngest daughter, got sick.
Couldn't you wait another week, baby?
As if we choose when we get sick, right?
Since we moved, this is the first time I've been ready to "ask for water".
Instead, I'm based on energy drinks.
My mother is far away, no relatives around.
I'll try to talk to the neighbour. She can handle twins.
Who knows, taking care of another sick child won't be a problem. You know what, asking doesn't cost anything. Maybe I'll buy her a pizza, come on.

- Hello? Carol? All good? This is the neighbor of 416. Remember me? Do you know? The one with two girls. That's right, the businesswoman who keeps wearing different hats. That one! (Is "different" a good or bad thing? - FOCUS! FOCUS!)
Look, I'm sick at work, and my youngest daughter is in bed. Can you look at her for me? Yes. Yes. I know you have twins. Ah, did a new puppy arrive at the house? That's cute! Yes, you can, feel free to bring everyone here home, yes. Whatever is best. It is fine. See you later. Thank you so much, okay? I owe you one. Not one. Several! What flavour of pizza do you like? Beauty, beauty.

There wasn't even time to eat from the phone to the meeting.
In other words, I was starving during happy hour celebrations with the team.
Of course, I just gave a speech thanking everyone for their work and went home.
When I arrive, I find the twins telling Clarinha a story, a half-eaten pizza. And at that time, I was very grateful not only for my neighbour coming to my house but also for her gesture of arriving just as I was leaving with that chocolate, which had written exactly what I needed to hear:


Yes. I Can. An I did it, my friend. And I don't think I would have done it without sharing the bar with you.
How do people see something in this scribble?
I've been here for half an hour looking at this painting and nothing.
Several people have passed by and sighed. They stopped and thought.
There were even those who cried.
Someone explain to me.
When the guide walked by with the whole group, I was forced to ask:
- Look friend, I can't see the artist's anger.
What do you mean she wanted to convey the expression postmodernist?
Can someone explain it to me?
How embarrassing. How was I suppose to know that the artist herself would be there.
What's more, she herself would make available to explain.
I'd better die, right?! Who wouldn't be?
And that's when she handed me a chocolate. Do you believe it? 
I was there, lost, criticizing her work. But the message in that bar made me understand something.

BAR You are not alone.

More than understanding her art, now she is my mentor.
And today, it's our vernissage.
Damn, what do you mean it's already the 18th?
I could have sworn it was still the 16th.
I wasn't prepared for this, not even in a big way.
But what the hell? DAMN IT! How did I leave the house like that?
My mother has popped into my head a hundred-and-I-don't-know-how-many-million times today: "I told you to always carry a sanitary pad in your bag. I told you so!"
Worse than you warned, Mom.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
One day I'm going to have to leave this bathroom.
And now what do I do?
Well, let's try the last resort. She raises her head and says:
- Hey? Girls? Does anyone here in the bathroom have a pad to lend?
From the middlebox, that new R&D scientist came out, who I didn't even welcome properly.
Nothing to do with those weird tattoos. Serious.
She definitely thinks I'm tacky for wearing a blazer to work.
I was already embarrassed because I knew she was going to lend me a tampon. But shame turned to gratitude as soon as, in addition to the damn tampon, she took one of those new chocolates out of her bag. And the first words we exchanged were written on that bar.


And since that "Count on me", I always carry 2 pads in my bag.
Some women will also be taken by surprise, right?
Is my arm tired?
You're left holding a belt and walking for an hour-that-in-this-space-of-time-passes-a-thousand-times-slower without stopping to see if yours doesn't get tired too.
The voice, then... I already got a whistle, because the vocal cords are hanging on by a thread.
I'm not even going to talk, because I can't. hahaha
Let's take a deep breath. As long as possible.
After all, that's why we're here.
In defense of forests. Of preservation.
We are the lungs of the world.
And the mines know this.
What? Did you think we were just going to fight for our rights?
We want equality for everyone, including nature.
Speaking of trees, I needed someone to break my branch and change positions with me.
Thanks, the new member of the group. She came, took my turn and left in my hands a chocolate bar that, in addition to 100% sustainable cocoa, also had a message that I needed to receive.


That's about it, sis. And everything will be fine.
In sports, you have to know how to lose.
But again, for this time?
Again, in the semi-final?
That striker doesn't need to dribble like that.
Renata who left our time and went to the opponent must be happy now.
Why did she have to save my penalty?
How will you look at my colleagues now?
Between tears of sadness (and anger) I head to the locker room.
I'm not alone in my stance. All with their heads down.
All wondering what could be different.
- People! - the voice choked. - People! I want to apologize to everyone.
I know I pushed everybody to train more and more!
And I'm sorry for... Guys. What's that?
I am interrupted by several hands and arms.
I think it was the longest group hug this locker room has ever seen.
And I'll never forget what everyone said to me, right after our technician opened a bag and handed out one of those chocolate bars with messages to each one. That day, the message was the same for everyone, but for me, it was everything I needed to know.


I am. You too. We all are.
It is not stopped in the traffic that you will be part of the city's mobility.
Honda. New times, new bikers.
It's not an app, but it makes you move better in the city.
Honda. New times, new bikers
The city is calling. With the window closed, you can't hear it.
Honda. New times, new bikers.
Freedom is yours. You are the one who pilots it.
Honda. New times, new bikers.
Excellent performance in the wind-to-face ratio per km driven
Honda. New times, new bikers.
New times arrived, and your bus did not? Go on a Honda.
Honda. New times, new bikers

Yep, there is a lot of words here, but you reached the final project. 
At least for now.  Why don't you see  more?

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