Her. She.

Noticed? So, Women have been in Hershey's name since 1894, but anyone has ever noted. 
In 2020, we gave space for them in our chocolate bars to show not just this. But to showcase their artistic talent as singers, writers, illustrators, and so on.
We've proved there are many huge talented her and she right in our face, just waiting for us to see them.
This project became a brand platform and was scaled to Mexico, India, Phillipines and other countries.

Copy: The first chocolate which actually is good to your ears.
Copy: Best seller at the treat section.
Copy: Good music sticks to your mouth.
Copy: Renaissance. Impressionism. Surrealism. Chocolatism.


Copywriters: James Döring, Rodrigo Casanovas
art directors: Diego Canhisares, André Batista, Fernanda Peka, Milena Cabral
CD: Gabriel Sotero, Murilo Melo
ECD: Andrea Siqueira
Audio: Canja
Video: Modernista

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